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The French Muse experience antique paper brocante

It's the weekend and that means we go a - BROCANTE - ing!! Two of the friendliest, most talented dealers in the Luberon. They always raise a smile even on the dampest of brocanting days - they hit our guests with their quadruple wammy; Gallic charm; seductive French accents; beautiful eclectic collections, and unbeatable great [...]

The French Muse experience antique textile brocante

We left early, and missed the correct exit on the autoroute finally arriving three hours deep into the belly of a beautiful gorge  in the Cevennes. A few weeks prior I had been invited to come to the home and warehouse of one of my favourite brocante dealers. The chance to step inside the real [...]

The French Muse experience Indigo dying workshop

Spurred on by the opportunity to learn indigo with Maura Grace Ambrose of Folk Fibers at an indigo dying atelier with the wonderful SCAD alumni Fiber artists a few weeks ago - I knew I had to offer our French Muse guests the opportunity to get the indigo bug. If they were anything like me [...]

The French Muse experience Indigo cocktail dinatoire

...and so our September adventure begins. Our five somewhat jetlagged but super excited guests have arrived safely, hitting the brocante ground running with a trip to one of our favourite secret treasure truffling spots. As our guests unpack their bags upstairs in the bastide - I wanted to quickly share some photographs of our special [...]

The French Muse Experience

Excitement is mounting as tomorrow morning we welcome our September French Muse experience guests to Lacoste. It is magical to be back at this beautiful bastide as the final days of summer are ushered in. Leaves are turning golden and the hedgerows are coloured red and blue with Autumn berries. Here is a sneak peak [...]

Pizza party, Provence, The French Muse

Our friends Josef & Willemijn, aka 'Our Dutch family' as we call them, come to Lacoste every summer and ever since they installed their own pizza oven in their outdoor kitchen we relish an invite to come make pizza. We arrive as the sun is sinking, transforming their forest garden into a mystical place bathed [...]

The French Muse,  First house, interior design vignette

I've been very quiet here, I know those that follow me on instagram are in on our exciting news but I forgot to write about it here. We bought our first home! Antique fil de fer baskets and bauhmann stools Buying a home in France is a tense, overdrawn, paperwork-heavy process which calls on every [...]

The French Muse, Textile Brocante

Michel Biehn artwork Imagine one day you strike up conversation with a stranger and happily discover you share an addiction to collecting antique textiles - kinship over old threads - love it!. This new friend, Anna, confides that she is in the process of downsizing and is building her very first 'new-build' home.  It turns [...]

The French Muse, Une Petite Façon de Faire

I just realised I had never shared this wonderful short film that was made in 2013 by two filmmaking students, Kendall Kiesewetter & Jen Hancock during their term in Lacoste. It features Louis in his first film role and (I know I'm his mother so potentially bias) but I do think he plays a blinder. [...]

The French Muse, Life in Lacoste, Photo credit Patrick Bepko

It has been a tough week, emotionally and physically. We helped a friend box up 60 years of memories, a home where he has spent every summer since he was ten years old. In between filling boxes and sorting furniture we heard stories of Henris first kiss, an unrequited teenage love affair, memories of his [...]

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