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Bonjour and Welcome! I’m Ruth, an Irish artist who followed my heart to France. Together with my collaborator (and Brocante goddess), Corey Amaro, we have created ‘The French Muse’ based on our desire to share what we know and love about Provence.
Our French Muse experiences are for anyone who would like to visit Provence by following their heart, by indulging their senses, and through experiencing first hand what we have lived for years. The old things found at flea markets, second hand shops and friend’s attics. The ever changing landscape dipped in color – that scents our table and dances through our lives.
Every day lived in Provence is a day of beauty, filled with tantalising flavours and enduring inspiration – let us share it with you!.

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2018 French muse retreat dates


Gather, connect

…& be inspired!


Our week long tailor-made retreats are perfect for those who are looking to combine brocanting with exploring the area and feel Provence dance in your heart!

We will lead you through Provence in a deeper way, connecting you with people, places and ideas. You will enjoy an intimate view into private homes, shops, studios and for one week live the French way that will certainly have an effect on your future days. The French Muse is more than getting your feet wet …it is one amazing glorious splash.


For more information on our special week-long retreats in Provence in 2018-2019 you can read more here.




Mini Muse Day

Perhaps you would love to spend a day with us learning how to ‘brocante’ like an expert? or you need help planning a special gathering – a picnic in a cherry field, or a vintage themed luncheon? Or you would love an invitation to discover the hidden worlds of important local makers and artists but don’t know how to go about it?


All you need to do is contact us and let us know how you would love to spend the day in Provence and we will organise the rest.

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For more information


If you would like to know more about our French Muse Experience week-long retreats or our Mini Muse Provence day trips


Email us on: ruth@thefrenchmuse.com
Call us on: +33 6 58 34 93 18

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Brocante & Creative week-long retreats



Hosted by Ruth Ribeaucourt (of aka ‘Famille Ribeaucourt’) and Corey Amaro (of Tongue in Cheek).


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Our week-long retreat has been crafted to let you connect with Provence in all its beauty; the landscape; the colourful texture of the regions; Provencal meals to swoon you to the next mouthful; visits with the creatives and artists who call Provence home and to our famous flea markets (brocantes). Oh especially those flea markets where history is unrolled through linen, pottery, paint, nail, wood with abundant creative style.
The French Muse experience activities ateliers banner
The French Muse will imprint its beauty on your imagination – spend a week with us and you are guaranteed to come away inspired and replenished with a fresh ‘Joie de Vivre‘.


Upcoming French Muse experience dates for 2018:


Early May French Muse Experience

Lacoste, Provence.

8th May – 15th May 2018,

Only two places remaining

Book Now

Cost: €3,500 (Single occupancy)



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For more information:

Email us on: info@thefrenchmuse.com
Call us on: +33 6 58 34 93 18


Please note our 2019 retreats are currently open for registration. Please don’t hesistate to contact us if you are interested in attending and we will revert and send you all the additional information.


Find out more about what we have planned for our retreats here


Alternatively if you have three friends and want us to plan a tailor made French Muse experience retreat for you – just let us know when you would like to come, send us a date, if we are free we will do it!
That is the advantage we have to offer… We live here and anytime is a good time to be a French Muse!.

Upcoming Dates


“Trouvez votre Bonheur”


Note: We choose to run our retreats Tuesday- Tuesday to give you enough time to recover from jet lag and be in your absolute best form to hit the French flea markets at the weekend.

Dates for 2018 Inset website amended
Dates for 2019 NEW 

Vignettes of our life in Provence..

Join us as we journal our treasure truffling adventures at the brocante; interview inspirational artists from around the globe who collect and create with antique and vintage finds; and catch up on life in Provence.

bonne annee

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Silk Sleuth

So for those of you who follow my escapades on Instagram you will know that last weekend I happened upon a cache of the most incredible 1800s silks. A trunk that had been hoarded lovingly by a collector friend of mine for many many years. For some reason, last weekend she decided that the day [...]

Silk Sleuth thumbnail

Les Petits Bonheurs – Humayrah Khan

I approached Humayrah Khan, having fallen head over heels in love with her instagram gallery. I am always astounded at the detail in the older beaded and embroidered pieces I discover from late 1800s - early 1900s but when I stumbled into Humayrahs gallery her work took my breath away. Her creations are simultaneously  fresh [...]

Les Petits Bonheurs – Humayrah Khan thumbnail


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Tumble into a tasty aMuse Bouche

A delicious river of mercury glass beads
Gilded dreams at the brocante
The traces we leave behind
Delicious crumbling ruins
My friends stand at the flea market 🙌
We’re taking our French Muse guests to her home for a private brocante …
Summer mornings in Provence
Imagine being offered a beautiful box, handmade by your future husband and destined to hold precious things you hold dear
Tiny silk stitches make me very happy
Hand cut paper flowers, 1800, France
Faded grandeur
Brocante bug